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2019-11-25 [ ]

Egon-Matzner Award for Socio-Economics 2020

Call for Submissions

The Egon-Matzner-Award will be presented to young scientists (up to 35 years of age) for their scientific publications (namely contributions to international peer-reviewed journals). In particular, studies in the following thematic fields can be submitted:

  • Socio-economics, heterodox/pluralistic economics.
  • Evolutionary economics.
  • Institutional economics.
  • Public finance and fiscal federalism.
  • Infrastructure economics and policy.

Papers will be preferred that especially

  • include practical and empirical problems based on strong theoretical foundations,
  • go beyond schools of thought and paradigms, and/or
  • present interdisciplinary perspectives.

Papers are reviewed by an international jury of renowned scholars and should have been published recently (2018-2020). The award is endowed with a premium of EUR 1,000 and can be shared, in the event of parity, by the authors of excellent publications. The award is funded out of funds of the Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy. The submitted works can be written in German or English. The prize will be awarded based on the decisions made by an international jury, and will be handed over at the Department’s 2020 Conference. Award winners are asked to present their work in person by means of a short presentation at the conference.

Submissions including the author’s CV have to be sent electronically to; for further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Michael Getzner, Vienna University of Technology, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna, Austria (

The deadline for submissions is 29th Feburary 2020. The jury’s decision will be made known presumably by the end of 2020.